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Phil's life in danger as Sharon braces herself for the worst in EastEnders

Could this really be the end of Phil Mitchell?

After making an enemy with another prisoner Craig, Phil turns to fellow inmate Ravi to get a burner phone. Calling his son with a favour, Ben is torn and reveals all to a furious Kathy.

When Phil calls Kat, the line goes dead mid-conversation and back at the prison, Phil finds himself in a huge fight with Craig forcing the guards to step in.

Later, he meets with Keeble who warns him he won’t survive much longer in prison, giving him 48 hours to make a decision on her offer.

After Craig sends him a sinister warning that he's going to die tomorrow, Phil gets desperate and turns to Ravi, offering to pay him to back him up.

On a knife edge after the abrupt end to Phil’s call yesterday, Kat is harassed by a mystery caller.

After another call from Phil, asking for a favour, things get worse for Kat as she receives another threat, sent via Tommy. And after Sam offers her some advice, Kat visits Phil in prison and drops a bombshell!

With the clock ticking, and Craig threatening that his time is coming to an end, a visit from Keeble crushes Phil's hopes of any backup.

Reality hitting, Phil asks Sharon to visit and gives her five letters for her and his family. Realising what’s going on, Sharon pleads with him to take Keeble’s deal but when Phil refuses, she begs him to fight. And as Craig and his men arrive for Phil, could this be the end of Phil Mitchell?

With Sharon anxiously waiting for news on what’s happened to Phil. Will it be good news? Or bad?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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