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Pollard arrested for knocking Aaron to the ground in Emmerdale

And Brenda's jealousy of Faith, continues.

As Brenda continues to accuse Faith of stealing her brooch, Aaron overhears and knowing the truth, realises he needs to do something to sort the situation out.

Despite Pollard trying to explain to Brenda that he only has eyes for her, a heartbroken Brenda is adamant their relationship is over for as long as Faith remains on the scene.

When Mack refuses to return the brooch, Aaron takes matters into his own hands and steals it back from him. But when he breaks in to Pollard’s Barn to return the brooch, Aaron is caught red-handed and as he tries to escape, is hit by Pollard with a bat, knocking him to the ground!

The next day, Mack visits Aaron in the hospital and compels him to keep quiet on his involvement in the brooch theft. But will he agree?

Pollard is left feeling confused after he and David discover Brenda’s brooch has returned, and is insistent that it wasn’t there earlier.

As Pollard and David start to suspect Aaron broke-in to return Brenda’s brooch on Faith’s behalf, Faith is distraught as she continues to be accused of having a hand in the brooch theft.

And Pollard is stunned when the police arrive and charge him for Aaron’s injuries.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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