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Pollard tries to get the evidence on Amit he needs in Emmerdale

But is he about to be caught in the act?


After Amit coldly warns him to keep out of his affairs, Pollard is rattled but determined to keep digging. Unbeknownst to Amit, Vinny has swiped his keys to Holdgate and urges Eric to see what evidence can be found there. As he furtively enters Holdgate, Pollard is chilled to walk past the spot where Rishi died.

Increasingly suspicious of Vinny’s repeated glances at the clock and circular conversation, not to mention the mysterious disappearance of his keys. When Amit strides out of Hide, convinced he’s being played, Vinny makes a panicked call to Pollard to warn him.

However, with Pollard obliviously rifling through Amit’s files in Holdgate for a killer clue, he pays no heed to his phone ringing on silent until it’s too late. Will he be caught in the act?

Laying his cards on the table, Pollard pleads with Jai to believe his suspicions about Amit and is left utterly defeated when a pitying Jai dismisses him. Together, Pollard and Vinny fear they’ve provoked a murderer.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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