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Rafe proves his love and dedication to Dilly in Hollyoaks before being admitted to hospital

Is Sienna about to discover the sinister truth about her husband-to-be?

After Tom accidentally sees something he shouldn’t over Dilly’s shoulder, Dilly tells Rafe that she misses him and prohibits him from sleeping with Sienna anymore.

At home, Rafe shares his concerns with Sienna about his limited remaining time and when he receives a message from Dilly, he tells Sienna she can wait as his attention is on her.

With Dilly feeling second best to Sienna, Rafe wants to prove his love and dedication to her by presenting her with a necklace passed down through his family.

When Ste sees Dilly’s elegant plans for Sienna’s hen do, he jumps in to help with some tacky props. After confessing to Ste that she loves Rafe, Sienna asks him and Dilly to plan the hen do together as she has something urgent to do.

Following a funny turn, Rafe is at the hospital where Misbah informs him, Sienna and Dilly it was due to the tumour and that she recommends he gets referred to start palliative care.

When Rafe demands that Sienna continue with her hen party, Dilly, when alone, tells her husband that after the wedding tomorrow, she’ll be with him every step of the way.

Later, Sienna returns home to a drunk Rafe who tells her he loves her and that by the time it’s all over, she’ll hate him for leaving her with unanswered questions, before falling asleep.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming

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