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Rainie decides to leave Walford with Roland in EastEnders after Stuart ends their relationship

Will Stuart show up to change her mind?

After talking to Dotty, Bernie tells Rainie she can have Roland but must leave Stuart.

Discussing the situation with Mitch, Rainie is unaware that Stuart is listening and later he tells her that she's ending things between them as she deserves Roland.

Realising it’s the end of their relationship, Rainie is heartbroken as Stuart packs his things and leaves.

At The Vic, Karen gives Stuart a piece of her mind for abandoning Roland but Patrick makes her see that there might be more to it.

Having told Jack that she plans to leave the Square, Rainie visits the Taylor’s and as she does so, Karen finds Stuart and questions if he could have postnatal depression. With her words hitting hard, Stuart snaps at Karen.

After Stuart spends the night sleeping on a bench, Rainie and Karen continue with their efforts to talk to him but Stuart is having none of it despite Karen revealing Rainie's plans to leave.

As Rainie gets ready to leave Walford, Karen tries one last time to get Stuart to talk to Rainie. But can she convince him?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC Two


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