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Rayne accuses Prince of drunkenly trying it on with her in Hollyoaks

But is she telling the truth? And who will Romeo believe?

A new video from Rayne leaves Romeo wondering what’s real and what’s just for content.

When Prince tries to encourage Peri and Rayne to call a truce for Romeo, Peri goes to unfollow the influencer, she’s shocked at her overnight increase in followers and asks where they came from.

After telling Peri it’s because she’s popular, Rayne is left red-faced when Prince reads a notification on her phone saying she bought the followers! And Rayne overhears Peri asking Prince to find out why Romeo is ghosting her.

With Prince back in the window-cleaning business, Peri asks for him to keep helping her find out more about Rayne. Sharing his concerns over her weird behaviour, Prince pleads with Peri to back off for Romeo’s sake.

As the household starts to turn on each other, Rayne leans on Lacey. And later, on the anniversary of Brent's death, Romeo comforts Rayne.

Following Peri’s discovery that influencer Rayne’s live stream about her former boyfriend’s suicide doesn’t quite add up, Peri and Prince team up to catch out Rayne as Peri vows to protect Juliet's brother.

When Prince tries to tell Romeo about Rayne’s manipulation, he risks alienating his best mate whilst Rayne defends herself and says Peri is trying to turn everyone against her. Not listening to anyone else, Romeo vows that Rayne comes first. And Rayne confesses that the t-shirt she used in the live stream, wasn’t the real one and didn't belong to Brent.

After the 20-somethings roll in in the early hours from their party to find a distraught Rayne, a bleary-eyed Prince emerges to a house conference where he is accused of trying it on with Rayne.

With no memory, Prince can’t defend himself, and whilst Rayne refuses calls to involve the police, Romeo throws Prince out.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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