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Reality sets in for Jean in EastEnders as she escapes to Southend

And Harvey questions if Jean ever loved him.

After realising how much Jean has spent on the wedding, Harvey loses his temper and tells her he wants to focus on finding a flat in Southend first and asks her to cancel everything.

As Harvey confides in Mitch and Rocky, he's unaware that Jean has received her extravagant wedding dress.

When he does find out, Harvey has a change of heart and tells Jean to keep the wedding dress.

After a pep talk from Martin and Shirley, Stacey marches over to the cab office and pleads with Harvey not to move away with Jean. But when Harvey gets a terrifying phone call, he's rocked to the core to learn that Aaron has been seriously injured and is in hospital.

Seeing his fragile state, Stacey supports Harvey at the hospital and realises that Jean has been a distraction for him, she tries to make Harvey see this too and begs him not to marry Jean.

When Harvey tells Jean that Aaron's life is hanging in the balance, he's stunned by her nonchalant attitude and is even more taken aback when he sees her over the top wedding dress.

With Harvey starting to realise Jean might be unwell, he tells her they need to slow things down as Aaron should be his focus right now. Ragin, Jean moves back in with the Slaters much to Stacey’s relief.

However, Jean is still determined to get her happily ever after and Stacey is alarmed to hear that Billy spotted Jean in her wedding dress claiming she’s getting married today.

Unable to locate her, Stacey enlists Martin’s help and after talking to Harvey, realises she’s gone to Southend!

As Jean enjoys the sights of Southend, she's complimented on her dress and goes on a local funfair.

When Stacey and Martin arrive, they manage to track her down and see her walking towards the ocean! Running after her mum, Stacey carefully tries to encourage her away from the water.

With reality setting in for Jean that she’s unwell, she resists Stacey’s help but as she reaches her mum just in time, Jean will finally get the help she needs.

Back in the Square, Harvey confides in Rocky about Jean and the penny finally drops for him that she’s been unwell this whole time. After a massive wedding cake arrives, Harvey breaks down and questions if Jean ever really loved him.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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