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Rhona and Marlon are in for a shock when Mary brings Gus and Ivy to stay in Emmerdale

How will they cope with their new house guests?

As Mary sets about helping a grief-ridden Gus with Ivy, her concern for them grows when a call from the funeral directors further highlights that he is struggling to cope.

When Rhona catches Mary slipping out to see Gus and Ivy, she's desperate for news and knowing it's for the best, Mary downplays Gus’ struggles.

At Gus' house, Mary's increasingly concerned as it’s clear Gus is reaching his absolute breaking point.

Later, Rhona’s jaw drops when Mary arrives home with Gus and Ivy in tow whilst Marlon is equally as surprised to meet his new house guests.

The following morning, things are tetchy at breakfast after a night of little sleep due to Ivy’s cries. And as Rhona tries to keep the peace, it's clear Marlon is lacking patience for the new house guests. 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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