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Rhona makes a big decision in Emmerdale after Gus introduces her to his wife

Is she about to crush Gus and Lucy’s dreams?

At Rhona's birthday lunch in the Woolpack, the family are mortified when Gus turns up and introduces his wife Lucy.

Taken aback, Rhona is unsure of how to respond, but Mary takes charge and after giving them both barrels, Gus and Lucy leave totally crushed.

When Rhona is wound up at Mary’s intervention, Marlon reassures her that this is her choice and he will support whatever decision she makes. Heading out to clear her head, Rhona spots a forlorn Gus comforting a heartbroken Lucy.

Back at home, Rhona reveals that she’s going to let Gus and Lucy use her embryos and that she’s already given them the good news. Stunned, Marlon’s cautiously supportive but Mary’s left reeling.

The next day, Marlon points out that Rhona might find it hard to stay away if one of her embryos becomes a baby and she mulls over the impact of her decision knowing he could be right.

Later, Rhona breaks down. But will she crush Gus and Lucy’s dreams?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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