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Rhona pushes her luck as she cradles baby Ivy in Emmerdale

How will Gus react to her actions?

At the Hospital, Rhona watches from her car as Gus exits the hospital, however, Marlon and Mary are suspicious of her behaviour and Mary’s soon shocked to learn Rhona has secretly been seeing Ivy at the hospital.

Covertly making her way through the hospital, Rhona tries to get to Ivy and quickly hides as an overwhelmed Gus arrives and is shocked to find Rhona and Mary in the hospital.

Later, Rhona crumbles under Marlon’s questioning and a pointed look from Mary forces her to admit she’s been seeing Ivy.

The next day, Rhona’s guilty of knowing she’s pushing her luck as she plans to take supplies around to Gus. Later, Rhona and an uneasy Mary walk towards Gus’s front door. Unimpressed, Gus stares at them, shattered.

Encouraged, Rhona wastes no time stepping inside when Gus agrees to their help but when exhausted Gus falls asleep, Rhona takes the opportunity to cradle a sleeping Ivy and Mary is alarmed to find Rhona holding sleeping Ivy.

Furious when he wakes up, Gus tells them to leave. 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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