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Rocky collapses in EastEnders after writing a tell-all letter to Kathy and Sonia

But will the note reach them?

When Sandy appears at Ruby’s, Dotty is shocked and relieved and offers her a place to stay, telling her mum that she has been saving up for rehab.

Rocky meanwhile, is nervous ahead of his court appearance for keying Ethan’s car and when Dotty breaks the news to him that her mum is back, she tells him that she needs him to scam Peter for more cash to fund Sandy's rehab.

Later, when Sandy appears, she's immediately suspicious of Rocky which is the final straw for him as he tells Dotty he's leaving Walford tomorrow.

As he plans his exit, Rocky is interrupted by Peter and Kathy and Kathy asks Rocky to help her out at Walford East. Later, Kathy reminds him about helping out at Walford East, but when he gets to the restaurant, Rocky is confused when it's empty.

Realising it's a surprise party for his 60th birthday, Rocky is touched and tells Dotty he’s decided to come clean to Kathy and Sonia.

After the party, Rocky writes a letter to Sonia and Kathy and suddenly grabs at his chest and collapses.

Whilst Rocky lies unconscious, Dotty tells Sandy that she has paid a deposit for a spot at rehab but she's more interested in the money and Dotty returns to the house to see Rocky being carted off in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, after receiving attitude from Tiffany, Sandy tells Dotty she won’t stay in her house any longer and Vinny offers Dotty and Sandy a bedsit which the Panesar’s own. But Sandy will only stay there on one condition. What could that be?

As Dotty thanks Vinny for being such a good mate, it's clear there are more feelings lingering for Vinny.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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