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Rocky gets into trouble as he protects Sonia in EastEnders

But can his actions bring him and Kathy closer together?

Out of earshot Rocky listens to Ethan and Sonia talk about their date and hears a giddy Sonia tell Ethan that he definitely has potential.

When Whitney joins them, Rocky shows her a poster of her gig but is disappointed when she backs out and Sonia tries to get to the bottom of Whitney’s feelings.

But when Whitney shows up for the gig, Rocky is pleasantly surprised and the gig goes swimmingly as she reaches the final.

However, he gets distracted when he sees Ethan at the bar kissing another woman. No longer able to hold his anger, Rocky punches Ethan before being taken away by security.

As Sonia suggests investing her early inheritance from Dot into Rocky’s warehouse development idea, she's interrupted by Ethan who tries to make amends. But Sonia firmly rejects him.

Later, seeing Ethan's car, Rocky takes matters into his own hands and when Harvey asks Kathy if she is truly interested in him and she softly rejects him.

In the café, Sonia tells Dotty and Kathy about investment plans with Rocky and after some persuading, Kathy and Rocky rekindle their romance.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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