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Rocky's insurance scam sees an unconscious Bobby trapped inside café in EastEnders

Will Bobby survive the blaze?

With Rocky desperate to find the funds to pay back his loan, Nish has other ideas about the payment and wants Rocky to steal a car from the car lot.

After agreeing, Rocky has a heartfelt chat with Jay about life, following his near-fatal car accident, and decides against it.

Realising his time is up, Rocky heads to the Vic to come clean to Kathy about his debt, but a conversation with Sonia sparks one last idea.

Desperate to find funds, Rocky confides in Harvey about his new plan, which is to set fire to the café, which already has electrical faults, and claim money on the insurance. Appalled, Harvey tries to dissuade Rocky, telling him if he goes through with it he’ll tell Kathy.

As he continues to dwell on his idea of setting fire to the café, Kathy receives another electric shock from a faulty plug, and Rocky tells Harvey he can’t go through with it.

Later at the bookies, after a flurry of wins, Rocky gets carried away and loses it all. But after Harvey offers to take out a loan to help Rocky pay his debts, he soon withdraws the offer after learning about his earlier antics in the bookies.

Out of options, Rocky heads to the café and prepares to see through his plan while Kathy waits for him at Walford East restaurant for a romantic dinner.

At the café, Rocky tampers with the electrics and manages to start a fire before heading to Walford East for his date with Kathy where he is accosted by Harvey who questions him on his whereabouts. As Rocky remains tight-lipped on his actions, Harvey isn’t convinced.

Meanwhile, a panicked Bobby sees the fire blazing inside the café and attempts to extinguish it but it explodes and traps an unconscious Bobby inside. Will he be alright?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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