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Sadie has a big decision to make after revealing a surprising secret in Neighbours

But is she willing to risk her friendship with Byron?


While out drinking, Mackenzie and Holly are surprised to learn that Sadie has never hooked up with anyone. But Sadie’s reasoning is perfectly sound, she wants her first time to be with someone she loves.

The problem is, that person doesn’t seem to exist. Which is annoying because she’s more than ready for a sex life. Seeing Sadie interacting with Byron, Holly comes up with an idea. What if Sadie set her targets on Byron?

Later, Sadie considers Holly’s suggestion to lose her virginity with Byron as he’s sweet, very experienced, and a good friend.

But when the time comes to pop the big question, Sadie can’t bring herself to ask, realising she may be throwing away a wonderful friendship all in the pursuit of getting physical.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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