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Sam and Lydia show baby Esther the love Samson can't in Emmerdale

Will seeing them all together change Samson's mind?

As Lydia hides items that she’s bought for baby Esther from Samson, Sam and Lydia are determined to love baby Esther even if Samson can’t.

Softening towards Sam and Lydia, Amelia opens their gift for baby Esther and Samson feels betrayed when he sees Lydia, Sam, Dan, Amelia and baby Esther together in the café.

Lydia is determined to make Samson see that Esther is part of their family whether he likes it or not and Amelia is grateful when Lydia offers to organise baby Esther’s christening and happily engrosses herself in planning the big day.

When Amelia squeezes his hand, Noah is warmed to realise he's been included. Approaching, having heard chatter from inside, Samson is torn to realise he doesn't have a place there.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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