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Sam drops a bombshell in EastEnders after shock proposal

But what could it be? And what will she say to ex, Don?

Mitch has an awkward encounter with Sam as her money issues continue.

And when Sam demands the money back she gave him for the car by the end of the week, Zack is shocked.

Meanwhile, Kat finds a random man, Don, in her kitchen and immediately confronts him only to discover it’s Sam’s ex! And at Peggy's, Don reveals why he’s there.

As she tries to cover, Sam digs herself into a deep hole by telling Don that she still loves him. And when Jack refuses to help her, Sam has an idea and enlists Zack’s help.

But when he refuses to help her, Sam is left feeling hopeless and outside she finds Don putting on an extravagant display and questions what he’s doing.

When he proposes, Sam is left speechless and back inside, Sam drops a bombshell!

And with Whitney feeling disgruntled about her own love life, Sam has a proposition for Zack.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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