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Sam's takeover of Peggy's gets off to a bad start in EastEnders

Will she be able to prove herself?

As Kat visits Phil in prison with a suggestion for Peggy's, things are off to a bad start for Sam as she takes over the club. After firing Vinny, Sam riles Dotty and Dotty tries to get her own back, only to then be fired too.

Learning that Dotty and Vinny were both fired by Sam, Kat and Sharon quickly get their own back. And when Dotty hands her a package at Peggy's, Sam is confused.

After a brick is thrown through the cab office window, Sam and Kat are horrified and Sam visits Phil in prison to fill him in, but he can tell she has an ulterior motive.

When Sharon warns Zack about the way Nancy has been treating him but he’s having none of it and storms off. However, Nancy is less than impressed when Zack tells her that he's selling his beloved car to try and raise some funds for their business.

Back at Peggy’s, Sam winds up Sharon about having an emotional affair with Phil behind Kat’s back and plans to tell Kat. But Sharon warns her that Sam will be the one worse off.

With Zack at a loss over Nancy's recent behaviour, him and Sam drown their sorrows.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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