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Sandra reels Rishi in through false dating app profile in Emmerdale

Has she got him where she wants him?

Concerned that money is missing from the tip jar, Mandy eyes Sandra and soon voices her concerns to an affronted Liv.

Hearing that Rishi has had an unexpected windfall, Sandra's ears prick up and later, sensing Mandy is onto her, Sandra makes a show of putting Rishi’s tip money in the jar.

Secretly taking out her CCTV camera kit, Mandy is determined to get to the bottom of the missing tips.

Before long, Rishi’s amazed that his new dating profile gets a response from a very interested lady. Unaware it’s actually Sandra who has cooked up a profile and is over the road spinning a web to reel him in.

When the woman from his dating app cancels their meeting at the Woolpack, Rishi is gutted. But having set him up nicely, a dolled-up Sandra swoops in and offers Rishi her company instead.

The two later go back to his and Rishi leads Sandra up to his bedroom. The next morning, Rishi is worried how this will look and as Sandra plays on his insecurity, Rishi offers her an envelope of money to make up for his behaviour.

As Rishi drowns his sorrows Sandra is shocked to come across the hidden camera in the salon and she knows Mandy is on to her.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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