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Sarah is rushed to hospital in Emmerdale after overhearing Mack and Chloe

Will Sarah be OK? And is Charity about to discover the truth?

Trying to join in Charity’s happy banter, Mack remains haunted by the secret guilt he’s carrying and the next day, he reveals to Chloe that he’s going to tell Charity about the baby. However, what they both don’t realise, is that Sarah has just come back out of her bedroom and has overheard them from upstairs.

Realising that Mack is not backing down and will tell Charity the truth today, Chloe is flummoxed as he encourages her to leave. But with nowhere to go and Sarah still listening upstairs, Chloe is determined to stand her ground and stay. Not wanting to be thrown to the wolves by Mackenzie.

Then, just as Mackenzie and Chloe are about to reveal their secret to Charity, Sarah comes stumbling down the stairs, struggling to breathe! As Sarah hyperventilates, Charity instructs Mack to call an ambulance.

In A&E, as Sarah is wheeled off for medical treatment, Mack holds an emotional Charity and looks across to Chloe. It seems the plans, to tell the truth, are on hold.

Upset, Charity confides in Mackenzie, worried about Sarah’s life expectancy. When Chloe clocks a doctor walking purposefully towards them, Charity is left terrified, knowing there’s news. Will Sarah be OK?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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