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Sarah Parish to lead new Paramount+ thriller Curfew

Starring alongside her will be Mandip Gill, Mitchell Robertson and Alexandra Burke.

The six-part crime thriller, currently titled Curfew, is set in a society where all men live under ‘The Women’s Safety Act’, meaning they are bound by a strict curfew from 7PM to 7AM every night, with their movements tracked by an ankle tag 24 hours a day.

When a woman’s body is discovered, brutally murdered during curfew hours and left on the steps of the Women’s Safety Centre, veteran Police officer Pamela Green, played by Sarah Parish, believes that a man is responsible. But in a world where men are bound by the curfew system, her theory is rejected.

The introduction of The Women’s Safety Act almost three years ago is widely considered as effective at protecting women, who have been able to go out at night without looking over their shoulders, and nobody wants to hear different.

If Pamela proves a man committed this murder, it could bring The Women’s Safety Act crashing down, people in high places are determined to make the curfew a success and will do all it takes to prevent Pamela from discovering the truth.

Alongside Sarah Parish as lead investigator, Curfew (working title) also stars Mitchell Robertson as rookie cop Eddie, who is shadowing Pamela during the investigation and Mandip Gill as Sarah, an employee at the local tagging centre, at the heart of Pamela and Eddie’s investigation. Alexandra Burke will also star as Helen, a well intentioned local school teacher and advocator for the curfew.

Curfew (working title) will be directed by Joasia Goldyn, produced by John Adams and written by Lydia Yeoman, with Jess Green writing episode three and Sumerah Srivastav writing episode five. It'll be executive produced by Allan Niblo, Jane Moore and Nathalie Peter-Contesse for Vertigo Films in association with Evolutionary Films.

The thriller was commissioned by Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer, UK, and Paul Testar for Paramount+. Speaking about the new series, Paul Testar said "Curfew is a gripping addition to our UK originals slate for Paramount+. We are excited to be collaborating with the team at Vertigo Films and a brilliant cast to bring this propulsive thriller to life."

To which executive producer Nathalie Peter-Contesse added "Curfew is a provocative and thrilling show that aims to contribute to the important conversation around violence against women. We are delighted to work with Paramount+ and Federation to bring it to UK and International audiences."

Curfew (working title) will air on Paramount+


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