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Sarah secretly meets with her donor's sister in Emmerdale

But when Noah catches them together, how will he react?

After yesterday’s encounter, Lydia finds Sarah gloomy who begs her never to tell anyone that she met with her donor's sister. Suddenly, Chloe turns up again and Sarah apologises.

As she softens, Chloe tells Sarah that whenever she is ready to know more about her late sister, Gemma, she can. Sarah tells her she’s ready now and Chloe reveals more and shows her a photo.

When Lydia returns home, Sarah lies she’s moved on and won’t be seeing Chloe again. However, we see Sarah texting Chloe, to meet again tomorrow.

Having escaped nosey Noah, Sarah’s chuffed to see Chloe again who wants to give her a bracelet of Gemma's. Sarah's reluctant until she sees it's a diamond bracelet and is pleased to have made a connection.

Unseen, Noah watches, upset Sarah lied to him. Soon at home, Noah catches Sarah in a lie about what she’s been doing.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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