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Saul gives Grace an ultimatum in Hollyoaks following his demotion

Can their relationship be saved?

With Grace hosting a traffic light party at The Loft later, Saul is distracted as he has a meeting with work following his rule-breaking approach to Toby’s case and later finds out he's been demoted to police officer. And Grace is far from pleased when he turns up to her party in his new uniform.

Maxine tries to bring her distracted boyfriend, Warren back to reality but he ends up snapping at her in the process and after a beratement from Joel, Warren decides to come clean to Maxine about how much pain he’s truly in. But before he can do so, he volunteers to be on security for Grace’s traffic light ball, trying to prove how tough he still is.

Elsewhere, Honour decides that she, Dave and Sam should show their faces at the traffic light ball, and the married couple decide to keep things interesting with a friendly competition. And after some taunting from police officer Sam, Warren lashes out, with horrifying consequences.

The day after the traffic light ball is full of regrets as Honour nurses a hangover, Sam tries to hide his injuries, denying what's happened and Warren denies any wrongdoing when the police come knocking on his door.

And as Maxine worries about Sam, Warren seemingly talks her into giving him space, but she can’t help herself, so goes to check on him, and is shocked by what he has to say.

Grace admits to Martine that she’s worried about being with Saul now he’s a police officer, and Saul gets some friendly advice from his replacement, Zoe. As they struggle with the shift in their relationship, Saul gives Saul an ultimatum.

And when Warren tells Joel about him having another seizure, he fails to get him to go to the hospital. Hiding a bag-full of secrets, can Warren be convinced to tell Maxine what’s going on?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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