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Sharon befriends Sam hoping to get closer to Leanne in Corrie

But why is she so desperate to track her down?

After dragging Sally and Gail for a drink, it's soon clear that all Sharon is really interested in, is tracking down Leanne. Realising Peter is Leanne’s ex, Sharon suggests they go for a coffee, but Peter claims he’s too tired.

Calling at No.8, Sharon steals Gail’s laptop and refusing to take no for an answer, Gemma drags Sharon to the Rovers for cocktails. Whilst Jenny and Gemma mix the cocktails, Sharon breaks into Gail’s laptop and finds Nick’s mobile number.

When Jenny returns with the drinks, she wonders why Sharon has a screensaver of Sam on her laptop and Sharon makes out she must have picked up Gail’s laptop by accident. As Sharon hurries out she returns the laptop to Gail but Shona is suspicious and tells Gail that Sharon is up to something.

Having overheard Sarah in the Kabin, Sharon offers to help her with the Sam’s party and when Sarah receives a text from Nick asking her to meet him at the Red Rec as a matter of urgency, Sharon offers to collect Sam from school.

As she returns to No.8 with Sam, Sharon listens in when Sam calls Nick and tells him how much he misses him and tells Sam that if he needs someone to talk to, he can talk to her.

Later, after Sam confides in Sharon, she suggests she could set up a secret meeting for him with his Dad, leaving Sam thrilled.

After telling Adam that Nick didn't show up, Sarah returns home to find Sharon and Sam holding a birthday disco in the living room.

Sharon suggests Sam should text Nick so that he can let Simon know about Peter going into hospital for a liver transplant. And after lying to Jenny about mentoring one of the prisoners, Sharon takes a call and is furious to hear that Simon’s done a runner.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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