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Sharon in shock in EastEnders as Dotty reveals the truth about how Denny died

But what does this mean for Ian and the future of The Queen Vic?

With the Police investigation into the boat crash now concluded, Ian is happy to have a fresh start with The Queen Vic bust back in her rightful place.

Only Sharon's not too keen to see it back, as memories of the boat crash flooding back as she spots the bust. And Ian feels terrible after she questions him on whether anything of Denny’s was returned.

As the day of Dotty's court hearing arrives, Ian changes his statement to drop the charges, after coming to an agreement with Dotty which he hopes will silence her.

However, luck is rarely on Ian's side and after being constantly riled by him, Dotty is unable to contain herself anymore and storms to The Vic and tells Sharon that Ian is the reason her son died! With Sharon in disbelief, Ian desperately tries to defend himself.

EastEnders returns Monday 7th September at 8pm on BBC One

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