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Sharon panics as Max uncovers 'the truth' behind Ian's disappearance in EastEnders

But will he be believed? And will Phil help Kathy find her son?

After spotting Bobby talking to the police, Max asks if there's any news. But when he explains that Sharon couldn't help either, Max makes it his mission to get to the truth.

When Linda mentions that Max is getting close to working out who attacked Ian, Sharon starts to panic and when he later quizzes her, she retaliates - telling him that he only wants to prove Tina is innocent so that he can get Linda back.

Later when Bobby and Kathy arrive at The Vic with missing flyers for Ian, Max is left devastated, seeing Mick and Linda together. Making a shock announcement, Max tells everyone in The Vic that Sharon was behind the attack on Ian and that Tina is innocent.

With his words hanging in the air, The Vic falls silent and things turn nasty. And when Mick persuades Linda to get the truth from Max, her suspicions are piqued when Max explains what he knows.

Worried for Tina, Mick gets worked up as he tells Linda that nothing is making sense.

And when Kathy pleads with Phil to help find her son, he refuses.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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