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Sharon reveals that she still loves Keanu in EastEnders

But is she about to have her heart broken again?

After Sharon and Keanu meet at The Vic, a conversation about their feelings leads to the pair sharing a passionate reunion in the bathroom. And when a flustered Sharon and Keanu return to the bar, they're greeted by sarcastic comments from Denise, leading the other drinkers to realise what they’ve been up to.

Their happiness is short-lived when Linda interrupts and reveals that she has received a counteroffer from Nish and Suki for Mick’s half of The Vic. Enraged by their deceit, Sharon confronts Nish and Suki.

Soon, Sharon turns to heartbreak when Keanu receives a voice note from Sam hinting at their romance in Spain. Heartbroken by Keanu’s actions, and angry at herself for letting her guard down, Sharon banishes Keanu, who reluctantly leaves The Vic devastated that he may have blown his chances with her.

After an eventful evening, the ladies of Walford settle into a lock-in where they bond over their shared experiences, and moan about the men in their lives... but what becomes apparent is in a flash, everything can change.

Following an eventful night, a hungover Sharon, Denise and Stacey wake up in The Vic to Kathy and Eve delivering them breakfast.

When Keanu bumps into Sharon in the café, he is taken aback when she unleashes some home truths.

Later, Keanu is accosted by Kim on his first doorman shift at Peggy’s to take part in her live stream and after some persuasion, Keanu steps in to save the day and is a huge success until a shocked Sam arrives.

Having discovered that Phil and Nish have recently done business together, Sharon turns to Phil for advice. Can Phil help?

Following a chat with Kat, Sharon calls Keanu to reveal that she still loves him. And the next day, Keanu wakes up to a message from Sharon.

Over at No.43, Sharon and Keanu put aside their differences and agree to a date that evening.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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