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Shockwaves are about to rip through the village as future Emmerdale storylines are teased

Some residents are about to discover that their actions can have serious consequences.

Blackmail threats, cruel deception, and forbidden, secret liaisons are about to send shockwaves through the Emmerdale village. And some of the residents are about to find out that their actions can have serious consequences.

Which Paddy feeling incredibly lonely after finding out about his wife Chas' affair with Al, he could be forgiven when he finds himself falling into the arms of his ex-wife Mandy. As he opens up to her, the pair take a trip down memory lane and old passions are reawakened.

Before they know it, find themselves falling into bed together! Will this instant need for gratification and company help Paddy, or will he find himself spiralling into an even deeper depression?

Since the birth of Amelia's baby, Noah has shown a love and support for Amelia that his biological father Samson has lacked. As Noah generously suggests setting up a trust fund for baby Esther, we’ll soon see scheming Samson’s cogs whirring and Noah will find himself being blackmailed for money. But Samson’s scheming won’t just impact Noah, it could also compromise his entire family.

Following the loss of their unborn child, Mackenzie and Charity's tumultuous relationship has been tested over the last year and whilst on a break, Mack found himself in bed with Chloe. Instantly regretting his one-night stand, Mack hoped to put the affair behind him, but with the news that Chloe was carrying his baby, Mack has since carried a heavy secret.

With his relationship with Charity in a better place than ever, Charity and Mack have a big Dingle wedding to look forward to. But the past has a habit of catching up with you and it’s only a matter of time before this baby bombshell explodes in Mack’s face.

And with the revelation that the love of her life cheated on her, could we see Charity revert to the old her and press the self-destruct button?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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