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Sienna accuses Nate of killing Brody after visiting Summer in prison in Hollyoaks

Will she ever get the justice she wants?

Still committed to finding the truth, Sienna isolates herself from Liberty to track the car that killed Brody, whilst Summer contacts her, asking for a visit.

Worried about how much Damon is using the gambling app, Liberty focuses on getting Sienna out of her flat. Later, she finds Sienna’s flat looking like a police station, complete with a crime board and newspaper clippings!

Trying to get Sienna to let it go, Liberty tells her that she wants to fight to get Sienna’s job back and Sienna agrees. But when she gets a call back from one of the petrol stations she phoned with CCTV footage of the car that killed Brody, will she get sucked back in?

Not convinced by Sienna’s new evidence, DS Cohen assures her that the police are optimistic about their chances to convict Summer without it.

Meanwhile, Liberty manages to set up a meeting with Sally and Sienna after convincing Sally to not give up on her. But how will the meeting go?

And after receiving some devastating news, Sienna visits Summer in prison. With Summer’s words haunting her, Sienna begins to question everything and everyone.

As Grace fills Maxine in on her latest man troubles, Sienna listens in. Hearing that no one trusts Nate, Sienna jumps to conclusions and confronts Nate about killing Brody!

Determined to avenge Brody, Sienna climbs into a random car with the keys left in the ignition and she is about to run him over, but Leela shows up and tells her to get out of her car.

When Grace warns Liberty about Sienna’s vendetta against Nate, Liberty confronts her sister about missing her meeting because of her obsession. But Sienna’s only got one thing on her mind and that’s justice for Brody.

Later, breaking into Grace’s flat, will Sienna get caught?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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