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Sienna and Ethan are determined to find out who Rafe's mystery woman is in Hollyoaks

What will this mean for their plan?

With Sienna and Ethan’s money-making plan involving Lord Rafe’s inheritance in full swing, knowing it involves the woman he loves marrying another man, Ethan begins to worry about how far his girlfriend will need to go.

But Sienna reassures him, and Ethan reluctantly agrees after she promises him that she won’t go further than a kiss and will tell the Earl he has to wait until after marriage.

Back at the flat, just as things begin to get steamy between the secret couple, Rafe knocks on the door and it’s a quick scramble to hide Ethan and all of their plans. But when the Earl finds a news article about himself on Sienna’s floor, will she be able to talk her way out of it?

Listening on from inside the bedroom, Ethan struggles to hear his girlfriend flirt with another man, however sticking to the mission Sienna tells the Lord they broke up due to his addiction and Rafe asks Sienna out on an official date.

Worried that their relationship could be left ruined, Sienna begins to get cold feet and pulls out of her and Ethan’s plan.

Returning home, Sienna is charmed to find a gift in the mailbox from Rafe asking for dinner this week. Without warning, Ste comes through the door but Sienna manages to hide the gift before he sees it.

After lunch with Ste, Sienna returns home and tells her real boyfriend that maybe she was hasty calling off the plan, but they must detach themselves emotionally from the Lord.

However, Ethan is curious to know why there’s a gift from the Earl hiding down the sofa that he was unaware of. But Sienna manages to reassure him that the gift she received from Rafe is a good thing and he has nothing to worry about.

When Rafe meets up with Sienna, she's left annoyed after he tells her they need to take a step back from one another so she can process the break-up with Ethan. Taking a curious call from someone Rafe calls "Darling", Ethan and Sienna are left with a new mission, to find out who the mysterious woman is.

Later in the village, Rafe jumps in to protect Sienna during a fake fight in the village between her and her pretend ex.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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