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Sienna and Ethan decide to give things another go in Hollyoaks

But when Rafe returns, will Sienna change her mind?

Wanting Ethan to feel as good as he does, Dave encourages him to find some romance.

Approaching Sienna, Ethan tells her that he misses her and suggests they go on a date with Rafe away. But with Sienna concerned about the plan, Ethan suggests they scrap it if they can’t be together.

As Ethan and Sienna try to spend some romantic time together in The Loft, their quality time is cut short when Norma turns up demanding for the door to be open. When Norma teases Ethan about moving on from Sienna, both he and a hiding Sienna are left with some thoughts to process.

When they get back to the flat, Ethan and Sienna pick up where things left off.

Later, offering Sienna some advice, Ste is concerned that his friend’s plan will leave her rich, but lonely. Deciding it’s Ethan she wants, Sienna calls things off with Rafe via voice message but is shocked when she unexpectedly runs into him in the village where he asks if they can talk things through.

With a spring in his step, Ethan looks forward to his date with Sienna. And when Sienna tells Ethan she thinks Rafe might be close to proposing, a call from the Earl stops them in their tracks, as he tells them that Dilly is missing.

Later, a drunk Dilly turns up to The Loft and tells Ethan he owes her and must tell Rafe that Sienna planted the drugs on her. When Rafe tries to take Dilly out of The Loft, Ethan stops him and when things between the men get physical, Sienna steps in,

Back at the Earls, Sienna overhears a curious phone conversation Rafe receives.

After not returning home that night, Sienna questions Ethan on his whereabouts and is told he had a one-man lock-in. When Ethan says he's back on board with the plan, Sienna asks Ethan to spend time with Dilly while she continues to get closer to the Earl.

When Rafe confides in Sienna about wanting his sister around, she encourages him to call Ethan to see if he knows where she is. Unable to remember the night before, Rafe tells Dilly he has something he needs to tell her.

And an emotional Dilly asks Ethan if he’ll keep her company as she doesn’t want to be alone.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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