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Sienna give in to Summer's temptations in Hollyoaks as Brody eyes fresh start Manchester

Will he choose Summer or his dream job?

As Summer continues to play games with Sienna, it becomes clear that Sienna is enjoying the attention.

Surprised to receive a gift and from ‘Theo’, and an invitation to meet him at the park, Sienna is unaware that it's part of Summer's plan to get some alone time with her.

Later, as Sienna drinks at The Loft with Grace, she finally admits that there is a woman in her life and Grace convinces her to go for it and have some fun.

Meanwhile, Brody receives a job offer in Manchester and asks Summer to come with him so they can have a fresh start. With Summer against moving with him, she quickly changes her tune when Sienna congratulates them, leaving Brody confused.

When Summer manages to get Sienna alone at the school dance studio, one thing leads to another and they both succumb to temptation. However, the pair are unaware that Brody is in the school, searching for Summer.

As they scramble to get dressed, they hear Brody banging on the school dance studio’s door. Summer quickly opens the door and lies about doing a dance workout, as Sienna hides behind the mirror. But will they get caught?

With a big decision to make, Brody is unaware that he could be playing right into Summer’s hands if he makes the wrong choice. Will he choose his dream job in Manchester? Or stay in Hollyoaks with Summer?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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