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Sonia feels let down by Rocky as he flirts with Kathy and Shirley in EastEnders

Could romance be on the cards for Rocky?

As Rocky continues to try his luck with Kathy, still to no avail, they’re interrupted by Sonia as there’s a leak in her kitchen. Rushing to her rescue, Sonia is unconvinced with his plumbing credentials.

Proven right, she ends up calling a professional. Feeling guilty about her choice of words, Sonia asks to spend some time with her dad and tries to find out what his plans are for Father's Day. But he's oblivious to the special occasion.

When he steps in to help Kathy with the café, Rocky boasts to the customers about his daughter leaving Sonia feeling inspired. Impressed to see things running smoothly, Kathy finally agrees to take Rocky's number.

As the penny finally drops that Sonia’s lunch is for Father’s Day, Rocky promises Kathy he’ll call her.

Over at The Vic, Shirley’s feeling bitter and Nancy and Frankie encourage her to talk to Rocky. As they go to extreme measures, Shirley has no idea that they are playing cupid.

When her dad is late for her lunch, Sonia feels let down and storms over to The Vic. Whilst Shirley spots Rocky, she admits her granddaughters meddled and there's an obvious spark between them.

And when Sonia accidentally sees something on her dad’s phone, is she right to be suspicious?

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One

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