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Sparks fly between Jean and Harvey in EastEnders

But do they have a future? And will Eve make the Slaters' living situation worse?

Still worried about their living situation, Stacey asks Kheerat to speak to Suki but she’s interrupted by a phone call and panics.

She finds Eve drunk at the café, having a go at Suki. As Eve reveals that she’s meeting her probation officer, Stacey takes Eve home, desperate to sober her up.

When the probation officer arrives, Jean covers for her and Suki and Kheerat appear just as the probation officer is leaving. Kheerat is angry that Eve had a go at his mother and Suki tells the Slaters they have to leave by the end of the week. And Stacey begs Kheerat to do something.

Even though they no longer have somewhere to live, Jean tells Eve she can stay with the Slaters as long as she wants.

When Phil arrives back to chaos from Portugal, Kat asks him if the Slaters can live with him but he says no. Overhearing, Jean tells Kat that she's a good person, but they couldn't mess up her relationship.

Having a word with Phil, Jean tells him to not make Kat choose between him and her family.

Bumping into Kheerat, Stacey asks him for another drink. However, angry after everything that happened, Kheerat says he’s not interested. But it’s clear he is struggling to resist her.

Meanwhile, at the cab office, Kat shows off her new ceramic leopard, but when she leaves, Jean accidentally breaks it and Harvey and Vinny help Jean to fix it.

Sparks fly between Harvey and Jean, but when Aaron appears and makes a comment about them dating, Harvey feels awkward. As Harvey and Jean sneak the leopard back to its rightful place, Harvey asks Jean out.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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