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Stacey and Sam both have big decisions to make in EastEnders

How far is Stacey willing to go to make money? And is Sam about to accept a job in Spain and leave Ricky behind?

Ahead of her 20-week scan, Lily is nervous and Stacey promises to be by her side.

However for Ricky, as Sam and Honey chat about the responsibilities of being a parent in front of him, he's freaked out and when Sam makes a flippant comment about how kids ruin your social life, Ricky bolts.

When Stacey finds him, Ricky tells her that he can't be a dad. As she tries to counsel Ricky about his fears, Lily arrives at the hospital alone. Later, Sam catches up with Ricky and realises she’s blown it with her son again.

As Stacey fields calls from Shiv, Lily announces she wants to do a gender reveal party! Soon, Stacey is horrified to find Shiv in the Slater kitchen, who suggests how she can repay her debts.

Bursting in, Eve attacks Shiv, who retaliates by telling Stacey she needs to pay her full debts by tomorrow.

The following day, as Jean bakes the gender reveal cake with Lily, Stacey panics about getting Shiv’s money and is forced to go to Kat and Phil to ask for their help.

Trying to get Ricky back on her side, Sam finds an unlikely support in Stacey and despite Ricky's irritation, Sam turns up to the party against his wishes.

As the Slaters and Brannings gather to find out if Lily is having a boy or a girl, Stacey slips out to meet Shiv in the Arches. Can she get rid of him once and for all?

Meanwhile, Sam takes a life-changing phone call, but who is on the other end of the line?

When Sam tries to talk to Phil about her new business opportunity, he dismisses her and she goes to see Jack to explain how her ex-fiancé Don has offered to make her the manager of a flash new hotel in Spain.

After Jack goes mad at her that she'll abandon Ricky again, Sam confides in Honey, explaining how she can make money for the baby.

Honey thinks Sam should go for it as it could be life-changing for Ricky to have that level of financial support. What will Sam decide?

Meanwhile, Stacey is floored by an enormous electricity bill and knows she can’t possibly pay it. As costs spiral at work and home, she is under massive pressure and Honey reminds her that her pitch fees for the market are due.

When Freddie admits he couldn’t get by without his extra money-making scheme, Stacey has a chat with Linda about her page 3 modelling days and makes a big decision,

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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