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Stacey in sepsis scare after collapsing in EastEnders

Can she forgive Kheerat for betraying her trust?

After dismissing Jean's worries about her injury, Stacey is hopeful that Jean's concern could be the start of Jean getting better.

Seeing Stacey's wound, Kat questions if Jean should be in the hospital.

Outside, Stacey bumps into Kheerat who picks up that something is not right with her and after she reveals what Jean did to her, she collapses, leaving him horrified.

With Stacey's life at risk, Kheerat is worried to hear that she could be developing sepsis and tells the doctor what happened between her and Jean. When Martin arrives, both he and Kheerat are relieved to learn they got to Stacey in time and stopped the infection.

As Stacey recovers, Kheerat officially asks if they can be together. But their happiness is short-lived when Stacey learns a mental health nurse has gone to see Jean following Kheerat's reveal.

At the Slater’s, Eve, Kat and Lily try and comfort Jean who locks herself in the bathroom only for the nurse to arrive. Despite being unwell, Stacey rushes home.

With Stacey furious at Kheerat for betraying her trust, Martin tries to make her see sense. But will she?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

Stacey rushes home and is able to get Jean out of the bathroom. Stacey is distraught however when the nurse reveals Jean should go back to hospital and Jean also believes it’s for the best. C/H


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