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Stacey keeps Lily in the dark about Jean in EastEnders

As Shirley offers to tell her the truth.

Asking Martin for support, Stacey plans to tell Lily about what happened to Jean in Southend but he's apprehensive.

After expressing his regret about what happened with Jean to Kat, Harvey ends up driving Stacey to the hospital after her car won't start. Seeing Stacey’s nerves, Harvey goes inside with her.

Turning to Zack for advice on whether he and Stacey should tell Lily the truth, Martin ends up thinking it might be the best thing to do after Zack shares some reassuring words.

When Stacey returns, Lily is ready to find out the truth but Stacey sends her off and tells Martin she’s changed her mind, wanting to protect her. As Martin disagrees, the pair argue and Lily overhears.

Meanwhile, after spotting Lily trying to steal a drink in The Vic, Shirley feels sorry for her and gives her a chance to ask about her nan, providing she keeps it a secret. Jumping at the opportunity, Lily questions what happened to Jean.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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