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Stacey taken in for questioning after stealing money in EastEnders

As Stacey denies taking the money, will Callum believe her?

When the fridge breaks down, there's calamity at the Slaters', but with cash to splash, Stacey isn't fussed. Suspicious, Jean demands to know if she nicked it from the office. Stacey denies it, until Lily gets into a fight at school and realises she could go down and lose her kids if caught.

Enlisting Jean's help to return the money, Stacey wants her mum to distract the security guard. However, things don't go to plan.

Later, Callum arrives and asks Stacey to go to the station the next day to explain herself and Freddie hits upon an idea to make fast cash for the struggling Slaters.

As she prepares to go to the police station, a worried Stacey fears she'll be thrown back into prison and miss Lily’s prizegiving later that day. On her way, Stacey goes to see Alan and threatens him.

In the interview, as she's questioned by Callum, Stacey denies stealing the money and back in the Square, Kat holds court with the Slaters in The Vic. When Stacey arrives back, she feels overwhelmed by the scene.

As the family follow her home, Kat reveals she’s using Mitchell money to solve Slater troubles, which sparks a massive row between her and prideful Stacey.

The next day, Jean tries to broker peace between warring Kat and Stacey, but to no avail. Returning home, Martin is ready to counsel headstrong Stacey, getting her to see that turning down Kat’s help is madness.

Stacey agrees to apologise, but just as it looks like she and Kat have called a truce, it all kicks off again.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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