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Stacey takes drastic action in EastEnders to help Jean

And will Harvey do as Neil says to help Aaron?

As Jean goes all out in planning her engagement party for that night at Ruby’s, Lily worriedly asks Stacey if Jean’s okay. Despite being told she's fine, Lily's not convinced and pays Jean a visit and it’s clear she’s not well which leads Lily to question Stacey.

Heading to the party, Harvey is shaken when Neil approaches him to give him the burner phone for Aaron.

Worried ahead of his visit to Aaron tomorrow, Harvey gets the phone ready and picking up on his mood, Dana suggests he confides in Jean.

On the day, Mitch takes a nervous Harvey to visit Aaron. But will Harvey go ahead with Neil’s instructions and give Aaron the phone?

When Shirley goes wedding dress shopping with Jean, the day doesn’t go well and Shirley picks up on Jean’s abnormal behaviour.

Following yesterday’s events with Jean, Shirley tells Stacey they need to do something and they use Lily to gain access to Harvey’s flat so they can speak to Jean.

The pair beg Jean to accept their help but she orders them to leave, forcing Stacey to take drastic action. And Harvey later drops a bombshell on Dana.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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