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Stuart panics in EastEnders as surgery is explained to him

But what is he worried about? And will he go through with it?

As the doctor explains the surgery to him, wanting to proceed as soon as possible, Stuart panics when they mention pain medication.

Later, Stuart tells Mick that he feels like he's being punished for his past.

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At an emergency appointment scheduled by Rainie, the doctor explains the surgery to Stuart and wants to proceed as soon as possible but when they mention pain medication, Stuart panics. He later tells Mick he feels like he’s being punished for his past. He admits to Rainie he can’t risk becoming addicted to the painkillers but she talks him round.

Rainie panics when Stuart’s gone AWOL, she’s tracked his phone to a church and can’t work out what he’s doing there. She finds him eventually and Stuart explains he went to Rosie’s grave – she was an addict friend that died when they were in a bad way together, he’s felt responsible ever since. Rainie promises to support him and he agrees to have the operation.


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