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Sue's health worsens as she drives Luke and Cindy apart in Hollyoaks

But will he be tempted by drink again? And why has Ollie returned early?

Sue continues to favour Mandy over Cindy as she starts to make plans for her own funeral and clashes with her son, Luke.

As her health worsens, Sue is given an oxygen tank after collapsing. Misbah warns Luke that she is getting weaker and will become more dependant.

After admitting to Mandy that he’s scared of dying, recovering alcoholic Luke contemplates turning to drink to cope. But will anyone stop him in time?

Returning home unexpectedly, Ollie tells a surprised Cindy that something has happened and he’s had to discharge himself early. But before Cindy can tell Luke about Ollie's return, Luke tells her he needs to sort his head out before he can deal with anything else.

Meeting Ollie alone, Cindy is shocked to discover his reason for leaving rehab and makes a drastic decision.

When confronted about her actions, Cindy is left scrambling for words and Sue uses this as an opportunity to push her out of Luke’s life.

And the walls close in on Cindy as Luke takes his mother’s side.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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