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Suki comes between Ash and Peter as she continues to try and split them up in EastEnders

But as the day of Ash's hearing arrives, will she get her job back?

As Peter and Ash share a moment, they're interrupted by Kathy who scold Peter as Ash dashes out, for not giving Lauren and Louie much of his time now that he has a new girlfriend.

Meeting up later, Peter and Ash end up going back to her empty house. After sleeping together, Suki arrives home and reveals she knows Ash has been suspended.

With Peter stuck in the middle of a fiery stand-off, Suki accuses Ash of throwing her career away for Peter, but the new couple are determined that everything will be cleared up at Ash’s hearing.

Suki demands that Ash do anything necessary to get her job back and Peter assures Ash that he’ll say he gave himself the meds. But will his plan backfire?

As the hospital board make their decision, Suki reminds her daughter that she relied on a Beale, hitting Ash where it hurts. When Peter asks after Ash, Suki smugly reckons that they’re over now after what he did, but a comment from Peter seems to strike a chord with cold-hearted Suki.

Later, at the hospital Suki introduces herself to the consultant wanting a word about her daughter. As Ash arrives at Sharon’s party, Peter apologises just as the hospital calls with the verdict from the hearing.

Not happy that Ash and Peter have made up, Suki reveals that she threatened Ash’s boss and an enraged Ash has some nasty words for her mother who acts unfazed and leaves.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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