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Suki enjoys spending time with Honey as tensions rise between Ash and Suki in EastEnders

But is their friendship one-sided?

As Vinny breaks the news to Kheerat and Suki that he's renting space in the laundrette to sell and fix phones, Kheerat berates him for going into business with Phil whilst Suki stays surprisingly calm.

When Suki invites Honey for dinner, they enjoy each other’s company and Suki rages with jealousy when Ash interrupts them.

Having failed her performance review, Ash blames it on her mum for previously threatening her manager. To make amends, Suki plans to expand her empire by buying another property and making it a GP surgery so Ash can work there.

Ash is angered by these plans until Honey defends Suki and makes Ash see another viewpoint.

Later, in Walford East, both Suki and Honey are dressed to the nines for the Pride of Walford Awards.

And when Ash apologises for not appreciating her offer to buy a property to turn into a surgery, Suki stays nonchalant.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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