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Suki gets in the way of Peter and Ash as Kim plays matchmaker in EastEnders

Can Peter convince her to back off?

It’s clear as day to Kim that Peter and Ash fancy each other so she gives them some daytime date ideas, despite Ash’s protests they give it a go.

As they return from their date, Peter flirts with Ash but as things sizzle, they’re interrupted by Suki who dampens the mood and Peter hastily leaves.

Later, as Peter goes to see Suki, wanting to know if she's going to be a problem, Ash fills Kim in on the date being cut short.

Setting up shop at The Albert, Kim summons Ash and Peter arrives and apologises. After agreeing to try again, they share a passionate kiss, just as Iqra arrives.

Moving on from Peter and Ash, Kim puts her her master plan for Iqra and Mila into action, encouraging her to be confident about pursuing Mila.

Accusing him of being too hard on his brother, Ash tells Peter that she's noticed Bobby seems lonely, but Peter reminds her he’s a seriously messed up kid.

As he heads out, Ash realises Bobby has overheard their conversation. Feeling terrible, Ash later tells him that there’s someone out there for him, if he’s brave enough to look.

Next, Kim sets her sights on matching Bobby, who is more surprised than anyone when he sees he’s matched with someone on an app. Later, an aftershave drenched Bobby is on his date with Jade, extremely nervous. How will their date go?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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