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Suki is shut out in EastEnders as she goes head-to-head with Kheerat in business pitch

Who will come out on top?

At the Minute Mart, Suki attempts to reconcile with Kheerat, but things get heated when they spot Ben listening. As he tries to offer some advice to Kheerat, Ben makes his feelings clear.

Things get worse for Suki when Kheerat announces he’s renting no.41 and he, Vinny and Ash are all moving out. With Dotty caught in the middle, Suki stoops to a new low to try and convince her children to stay as Dotty awkwardly helps pack up.

As tensions simmer, Kheerat has another blow for Suki. He's buying her out of the businesses. And Vinny is annoyed as Dotty questions whether moving out was the right thing.

When Stacey encourages him to sort things with Suki, Kheerat is irked and stops the conversation, not wanting Arthur to overhear. Getting the wrong end of the stick when she sees Arthur upset, Stacey implies to Eve she needs to end things with Kheerat.

However, Stacey is touched when Kheerat apologises to Arthur and realises he only ended the conversation as he was listening.

Meanwhile, when Suki invites Eve for a drink, what will her answer be?

Later, Suki receives a letter and doesn’t like what it says. And when she sees Nina, Suki realises that Kheerat is pushing her even further out of the family. Desperate, she turns to Vinny for help.

Ravi makes an entrance to the Square and immediately riles Stacey as he flirts with her. And Phil chatting to Sharon spots Ravi and has an idea.

As Suki prepares for a business pitch for Ranveer, tensions flare as he questions why Kheerat is pitching against her. Covering, she says Kheerat is trying to be independent. But when Ranveer’s son, Ravi, arrives, he pushes Kheerat’s buttons and questions his loyalty to his mum.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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