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Summer frames Warren for the shooting in Hollyoaks as Sienna lets the village know the truth

Is Sienna back to her old ways?

Sienna starts to realise that Summer may not be as innocent as she makes out to be, but Summer is two steps ahead of her as she puts a plan in motion to frame Warren for the shooting, she plants evidence to make it look like his target was Brody.

Realising her new boyfriend may not be as besotted with her as she thought, Summer decides to change her revenge tactics by befriending Sienna instead. The pair have a lot in common and it almost seems like a match made in heaven, until Summer’s mask slips.

As she can’t wait to tell the world what Summer is really like, Sienna thinks the best way to do that is to publicly announce it in the village. But will anyone believe her?

And when Sienna tries to rise above Summer’s taunts, Liberty decides to find out what she’s is playing at.

Later, Summer finds Sienna and calls a truce. But when Summer gets a friend request from Sienna, she's surprised and Liberty worries that their feud may be turning into an obsession.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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