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Suni breaks things off with Nicky ahead of Amit's return to India in Emmerdale

But can Nicky keep his secret?

As Suni fails to connect with Laurel and the family, he’s shocked when Amit decides it’s time for him to return to India.

The next day, Suni attempts to convince Laurel to change her mind regarding her attitude to Amit whilst also to change his Dad’s mind about leaving.

As Laurel tries to find out from Nicky why Amit punched him, they’re both unaware Amit is watching suspiciously, worried his secret could get out.

When Suni books a night out with Nicky, Gabby and Ethan for the following day he’s untrusting whether Nicky has kept the secret and dumps him. Instantly regretful, Suni tries to distance himself from his father and soon their relationship seems broken.

Will Amit be able to make things up with his family before he goes? And can Suni and Nicky make up or will something go wrong on the night out at the bar?

And Ethan’s week ends with a worrying invitation whilst Suni is not in a good place.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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