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Terese urges Toadie to make peace with a struggling Melanie in Neighbours

But will it be enough to keep her in Erinsborough?


After choosing to hide from Terese and Toadie, Melanie spots them out and is sprung by Terese who realises how much Melanie’s struggling having Toadie back in Erinsborough.

Bringing it up with Toadie, Terese gives him permission to make peace with Melanie so that they can all move on, once and for all. Although trepidatious, Toadie offers a heartfelt apology to Melanie for the way he treated her and finally, the turbulence seems to be calming for this trio.

Meanwhile, as she prepares for her first day at work with Terese, Susan is excited and nervous and the day starts well, with both women bringing each other coffees. But as the day goes on, Susan realises that Terese has a different idea on how work should go.

As Terese excitedly changes Susan’s plans, she doesn't notice that Susan is being increasingly put out. At the end of the day Terese tells Toadie that the new working relationship is going to work out well, not realising that Susan has grave doubts.

On her last day of community service, Melanie is not sure what to do in the next phase of her life, until a chance remark from Paul prompts her to take the Divas van on a music festival circuit for five weeks, using this to raise some money to help her move out of the Kennedys when she gets back.

With Karl and Susan's blessing, Melanie drives off in the van for an adventure.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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