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The Mac Twins to front new Channel 4 health format Know Your Sh!t

Presenters and identical twins Alana and Lisa Macfarlane will put gut health under the microscope in the new six-part series.

Described as an 'eye-opening new health format', Know Your Sh!t hopes to change the embarrassment about talking about having a number two. But it can reveal important clues about many aspects of our health, from mental health and immunity to disease risk and digestive problems

Presenters and identical twins Alana and Lisa Macfarlane will put poo front and centre of their gutsy new TV clinic, Know Your Sh!t (working title) which is a fun, accessible and light-hearted series that will teach people what is and isn’t normal about our bowels, as well as revolutionising our everyday health habits.

They’ll be joined by a variety of medical experts who will offer professional diagnostics and advice.

Each episode features different case studies of patients with a variety of complaints, but they all have one thing in common: they will all undergo a bowel movement test with the results setting them on a path to better gut health, and better overall health, as they’re offered advice and solutions from a team of experts. Alana and Lisa will follow their stories and track their progress, offering lots of lifestyle hacks to improve viewers’ gut health along the way.

The series will also see Alana and Lisa investigate the latest health studies and become guinea pigs as they test theories, bust myths and trial fads, testing what effect they have on their gut and bodies. Sh!t matters and we’re going to get to know it.

Speaking about the new series, presenters Alana and Lisa Macfarlane said "We’ve been living in the world of gut health for years now, and we’re bursting to take everyone on a journey of discovery – to educate, inspire and change lives like it has ours!"

Produced by Monkey, which is part of Universal International Studios, the executive producers for Monkey on this series are Andy Charles Smith and Will Macdonald.

Executive Producer Andy Charles Smith said "From our very first meeting with Alana and Lisa, we knew that their passion, enthusiasm and humour was the perfect remedy to smash Britain’s poo taboo. Your gut, what comes out of it, and what it does for you is genuinely mind-blowing, and potentially life changing. We can’t wait to throw open the doors to our shiny new Poo HQ!"

It was commissioned by Channel 4's Head of Daytime and Features Jo Street and senior commissioning editor, Clemency Green who added "This is an unashamedly candid and revealing series that should really help a lot of people. Know Your Sh!t aims to make those awkward conversations that bit easier and encourage people to engage in this vital part of their wellbeing."

Know Your Sh!t will air on Channel 4


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