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The McQueens are spooked in Hollyoaks as part of the soap's 25th birthday

But who's been watching the McQueens? And will their darkest secrets be revealed?

With the McQueens all being blackmailed, Nana calls for help as Mercedes and Theresa race

to The Dog to find a macabre doll standing pride of place on the bar. The electronic doll reads out the seven deadly sins and explains that if they don’t pay, each of their biggest secrets will be revealed and they’ll go to jail.

The first sin will be ‘wrath’, but who does it belong to and who’s watching the McQueens?

The countdown is on for the McQueens to pay up before one of their sins is revealed. Realising that the first sin of ‘wrath’ must be about him killing Breda, Sylver is desperate not to go back to prison.

But after Mercedes asks James Nightingale for the money to pay the blackmailer, as compensation for shooting her last year, Sylver thinks he’s saved, until PC Kiss turns up to arrest him for the murder of Breda McQueen.

The devilish doll comes back to life and asks the McQueens to guess who the blackmailer is, but if they’re wrong, the consequences will be severe. Meanwhile, Joel gets flustered when he bumps into his ex, Theresa.

It’s clear there’s still an attraction between them, but Joel doesn’t want her ruining his future with Goldie. Will Theresa listen?

And with the doll watching on, the McQueens discuss the seven sins and who else’s secrets could be about to be revealed. They’ve got until noon to figure out who the blackmailer is, but Mercedes still refuses to be threatened and decides she wants to meet this blackmailer, armed wearing her signature red dress.

But someone’s watching the McQueens as they party their worries away at The Dog...

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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