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The Six are thrown into panic as restoration work begins on the café in EastEnders

What will they do about Keanu's body?

Kathy, Suki, Stacey and Linda are thrown into a panic when the builders arrive at the café to begin the restoration work. As Suki desperately tries to stall them, Linda, who is just arriving back, begins unravelling in public.

Offering Linda a shoulder to cry on, Stacey reminds. her that all their futures rely on her staying sober and keeping it together.

Later, Suki convinces the builders to temporarily down tools, but she and the rest of the women need to move the body fast, or they’ll be found out. As they talk tactics, Suki gets a call that could change everything.

As Densie gets ready to join the women to discuss what to do about the body, Jack delays her by introducing her to Penny, whilst Linda gets drunk in The Albert and Kathy goes to collect her.

In The Vic's barrel store, Denise is less than impressed with Linda who's drunk and Kathy intervenes to stop a row erupting. After agreeing to meet at the café that night, the women make their excuses to get away and put their plan into action.

After Amy questions her commitment to their family, Denise calls the women to the barrel store, to share her feelings, but gets cold comfort from the rest of the women. And with a troubled Denise behaving so strangely, Jack and Chelsea try to get her to open up but fail.

Meanwhile, Elaine over-steps in her protection of Linda and worries about her wellbeing, but George reasons that they can’t fix her and Eve starts moving Suki’s belongings into the Slater house.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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